4001784 Renew Faith, Restore Hope, Replenish Love
4001570 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
4001572 Praise Him With Resounding  Cymbals
4001571 Make Everything A Masterpiece
4001574 We Fix Souls
4001573 An Angel In Disguise
119434 You've Made an Impression On Me
4003164 True Friends Share One Heart
4001787 A Winter Wonderland Awaits
4001786 Reflect And Give Thanks For  All Of Life's Bounty
4004186 Musical Base Display
4001785 Allow Sunshine And Laughter  To Fill Your Days
120117 I'd Go Anywhere With You
4001029 Calling All My Party Girls
120119 Our Friendship Has Always Been Write On
119094 Our Friendship's In The Bag
120118 I am Me
117799 Dance To Your Own Beat
4001661 I'm Always Bee-side You
117800 Remember, We're In It Together
119435 Sister's in Purple, We'll Always Be
118361 I'm There For You Rain Or Shine
120121 You Bet Your Boots I Love You
120120 Love Grows Where You Plant It
0000974 Here's My Heart
120123 Sharing Fun And Games Together
4024084 Love is A Warm Heart on a Cold Day
120106 Love Is The Color of Rainbows
4003175 Together is the Nicest Place To Be
120122 I've Got a Crush On You