890960 Just A Happy Note
891045 Daddy's Little Girl
890987 Best Friends Share The Same Heart
890952 You Are The Cat's Meow
890871 God's Love Has No Measure
891738 You Are My Gift From Above
898309 How Can I Says Thanks
892726 Ewe Are So Precious To Me
898147 Overalls, I Think You're Special
892157 Healing Begins With Forgiveness
898457 You Are My Favorite Dish
899526 Jesus Loves Me (Latino)
899771 Jesus Loves Me (African - American)
898414 Loving, Caring, and Shearing
899542 Jesus Loves Me (Latino)
898317 How Can I Says Thanks
901555 Jesus Loves Me (Asian)
901563 Best Man (Hispanic)
900575 Jesus Loves Me (Asian)
899879 Jesus Loves Me (African - American)
902098 Un Dia Muy Especial  (A Very Special Day)
902055 Maid of Honor (Asian)
902047 Best Man (Asian)
902020 Best Man (African - American)
902039 Maid of Honor (African - American)
901571 Maid of Honor (Hispanic)
928453 Seguro In Los Brazos De Padrinos (Safe in the Arms of Godparents)
927899 God's Precious Pearl Of The Ozarks
928445 Preparado Con Amor (Prepared with Love)
902101 Una Madres Es El Corazon De La Famlia (A Mother is The Heart of The Family)