679860 Lovingcaringsharing.com
679852 This Day Has Been Made in Heaven
679844 We Knead You Grandma
679704 I Will Love You All Ways
679828 Good Advice Has No Price
679259 Peace on Earth
680982 Life Is Worth Fighting For
679976 A Tail Of Love
680184 Wishing You a Blow Out Birthday
679879 Bless You
689548 You Have The Sweetest Heart
681075 A Love Like No Other
681067 You Complete My Heart
681059 Let Freedom Ring
681032 His Name is Jesus
681008 Precious Moments Will Last Forever
680990 God Gives Us Memories So That We Might Have Roses in December
692093 Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace
692085 Monday's Child is Fair of Face
692077 The Child That's Born On The Sabbath Day
729620 Repunt or Else
692409 Alleluia, He Has Risen
692131 Saturday's Child Works Hard for a Living
692115 Thursday's Child Has Far To Go
692123 Friday's Child is Loving and Giving
692107 Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe
729906 I'm Proud To Be An American (Coast Guard)
729884 I'm Proud To Be An American (Marine)
729892 I'm Proud To Be An American (Navy)
729876 I'm Proud To Be An American (Army)