634999 Scootin' Your Way To A Perfect Day
634980C Take Time To Smell The Roses
634972 Reach For The Stars
634964 Friendship's A Slice of Life
634778 Wishing You An Old Fashioned Christmas
632751 Give Your Whole Heart
642673 Life's Beary Precious With You
635030 I Couldn't Make It Without You
635049 Scoopin' Up Some Love
635006 Hail Mary, Full Of Grace
649511 Cross Walk
649481 God's Children At Play
649473 There's No Wrong Way With You
649457 Highway To Happiness
649465 I'll Never Stop Loving You
644463 You Color Our World With Loving Caring and Sharing
649562 Give'em A Brake For Jesus
649546 Yeild To Him
649554 Let Him Enter Your Heart
649538 Go 4 It
649961 Ruth & Naomi
649953 Baby Moses
649929 Peace in The Valley
649937 Ice See In You A Champion
649732 Hay Good Lookin'
649988 The Good Samaritan
650064 David and Goliath
650005 The Sower And The Seed
650013 Giving My Heart Freely
649996 The Great Pearl