530506 Our First Christmas Together
530492 Happy Birthday Jesus
530484 Chapel
530441 Doctor's Office
530468 Sam's House
530425 You're As Pretty As a Christmas Tree
530859 Baby's First Christmas
530700 Serenity Prayer Boy
530840 15 Years, Tweet Music Together
530697 Serenity Prayer Girl
530972 You Are Always in My Heart
530964 Sometimes You're Next To Impossible
530956 I Only Have Ice For You
530913 Wee Have Come From Afar
530948 Two By Two Collector's Set
530867 Baby's First Christmas
531022 Potty Time
531006 I still Do
531014 My World's Upside Down without You
530999 I Still Do
531138 What A Difference You've Made in My Life
531111 It Is No Secret What God Can Do
531073 Money's Not The Only Green Thing Worth Saving
531065 What The World Needs Is Love
531057 I haven't Seen Much of You Lately
531030 You Are My Once in a Lifetime
531243 You Are The Rose of His Creation
531200 Wishing You a Bear-ie Merry Christmas
531162 Bless Your Soul
531146 Vaya Con Dios