520403 Hippo Holly Days
520357 Jesus the Savior is born
520322 Make A Joyful Noise
520284 Merry Christmas Deer
520292 Hang On For The Holly Days
520276 You Are My Gift Come True
520454 Happy Holidaze
520438 Sno-bunny Falls For You Like I Do
520446 Sno-ball Without You
520411 I'm Nuts About You
520543 In The Spotlight of His Grace
520535 The Lord Turned My Life Around
520497 Wishing You a Purr-fect Holiday
520470 Take a Bow Cuz You're My Christmas Star
520489 Slow Down and Enjoy The Holidays
520462 Christmas Is Ruff Without You
520632 A Friend Is Someone Who Cares
520578 You Deserve an Ovation
520624 My Heart is Exposed With Love
520551 Lord, Turn My Life Around
520675 Your Love is So Uplifting
520659 Wishing You A Happy Bear Hug
520667 Egg-Specially For You
520640 I'm Glad You Fluttered into my Life
520721 Just A Line To Wish You A Happy Day
520691 Lord Keep My Life in Balance
520705 Baby's First Pet
520683 Sending You Showers of Blessings
520756 Jesus is The Only Way
520748 Friendship Hits The Spot