456934 My Love Will Stand Guard Over You
456926 Our Friendship Is Always in Bloom
456896 Sure Would Love To Squeese You
456918 You Are My Amour
456470 I'd Travel The Highlands To Be With You
469327 I'm Sending You a Merry Christmas (Plate)
475084 Even The Heavens Shall Praise Him
475068 We Are All Precious In His Sight
475076 Heaven Bless You Easter Seal
470279 May Your Christmas Be Warm
481637 Shiny New And Ready For School
481629 Shiny New And Ready For School
481610 On Our Way To A Special Day
475106 Toy Maker
481602 On Our Way To A Special Day
475092 Toy Maker
487902 My Universe is You
482242 Love Is Key
481688 Make Me Strong
481653 Growing in Wisdom
481661 All Girls Are Beautiful
481645 Growing In Wisdom
487945 Jesus Is My Lighthouse
487929 You're My Honey Bee
487910 Believe it Or Knot I Luv You
488003 Take Your Time It's Your Birthday
487988 What Better To Give Than Yourself
487953 You Can Always Count On Me
488038 You Mean The Moose To Me
488011 Give A Grin And Let The Fun Begin