320714 What Would I Do Without You
320706 You Have Such A Special Way of Caring Each And Every Day
320668 Just The Facts... You're Terrific
320595 Loving is Caring
320625 You Set My Heart Ablaze
320579 Loving in Caring
325333C By Grace We Have Communion With God
325309 Only One Life To Offer
325325 The Good Lord Will Always Uphold Us
325279 Wait Patiently On The Lord
325503 Marvelous Grace
325481 Home is Where The Heart is
325473 Mom, You're My Special - Tea
325465 Mom You Always Make Our House a Home
325457 Life Can Be A Jungle
325368 There Are Two Sides To Every Story
354406 A Prayer Warrior's Faith Can Move Mountains
325538 Well, Blow Me Down It's Yer Birthday
349852 I'm Gonna Let It Shine
325511 Our Future is Looking Much Brighter
408735 The Voice of Spring
384887 Many Years of Blessing You
384844 Fountain of Angels
358959 Catch Ya Later
384836 Thank You For the Time We Share
354414 A Prayer Warrior's Faith Can Move Mountains
408786 The Voice of Spring
408751 Autumn's Praise
408778 Winter's Song
408743 Summer's Joy