113963 Blessed Are They Who Serve
113947 Hold On To Your Faith
113946 Hold On To Your Faith
113945 You Have a Certain Glow About You
112995 Mom, I Always Have a Ball With You
113944 I Love You Forever And Always
112966 Joy is The Music of Angels
113956 To My Forever Friend
113962 A Child is A Gift of God
113949 This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine
113991 Glad We See Eye To Eye
113980 Rejoice O Earth
113972 God Sent You Just in Time
113965 You Shall Receive A Crown of Glory
113966 His Blessings Are Without Measure
113964 Smile Along The Way
114011 I'm Sorry
114006 My Love Will Never Let You Go
114010 If The Shoe Fits, Buy It!
113999 Cheers to The Leader
114018 Dear Friend, My love For You Will Never Fade Away
114019 Friends of a Feather Shop Together
114021 Happy Birthday To Our Love
114020 Let's Always Preserve our Friendship
114017 Our Love is Built on A Strong Foundation
114016 To My Better Half
114015 You're Due For a Lifetime of Happiness
114013 You Are The Sunshine of My Life
114014 This Too Shall Pass
114012 No Rest For The Weary