110271 4-H The Power of Youth
110367 Love Is a Heavenly Song
110447 Wish You Were Hare
111120 I'm A Possibility
111155 Faith Takes The Plunge
110930 Love is the Best Gift of All
110269 Friendship is Always a Sweet Suprise
110268 My Heart Belongs To You
110267 A Mother's Love is Beyond Measure
110266 A Chip Off The Old Block
110265 I Love You A Bushel and a Peck
110263 Remember To Reach For the Stars
110262 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
110261 It's Down Hill All the Way Congratulations
111752 Everybody's Grandmother
111749 You're Worth Waiting On
111465 Retailer's Wreath
111333 O Come, Let Us Adore Him
111413 Ma-Holo-Day Wishes For You
111163 'Tis The Season
111898 Simple Pleasures Make Holiday Treasures
111904 The Lord Bless You and Keep You
111870 Mommy's Little Angel
111869 Mommy's Little Angel
111765 Welcome and God Bless You
111762 Holding Him Close To My Heart
111760 Holding Him Close To My Heart
111757 Every Precious Moment Needs A Smile
111754 Fairytales Can Come True
111753 Heather (if you could only see heaven)