108539 I'm So Glad I Spotted You as a Friend
108538 Friends Always Deserve Special Treatment
108536 Grounds For a Great Friendship
108535 I-rish You Lots of Luck
108534 Wishing You a Birthday Fit For a Princess
108533 Just for Your Knowledge, I'll Miss You at College
108532 Collecting Life's Most Precious Moments
108531 Collecting Life's Most Precious Moments
108528 My Most Precious Mom-ents Are You With You (Mom)
108527 Adopting A Life of Love
108595 Stay With Me A Whale
108593 Have You Herd How Much I Love You
108592 I'd Be Lost Without You
108548 I'm Filled With Love For You
108547 Water I Do Without You
108546 You Bring Me Out of My Shell
108544 Marching Ahead To Another 25 Years Of Precious Moments
108542 Simple Pleasures Are Life's True Treasures
108541 Forever In Our Hearts
108540 May Your Faith Grow With Daily Care
108600 Together Fur-Ever
109460 Isn't Eight Just Great
109428 Baby's First Christmas
109401 Baby's First Christmas
109231 The Greatest Gift is a Friend
108604 I Love You Knight and Day
108603 Love is The True Reward
108602 Thanks For a Quarter Century of Loving, Caring, and Sharing
108598 Head And Shoulders Above the Rest
108597 Everything's Better When Shared Together