104418 Friends To The End
104523 Come Let Us Adore Him
104531 Jesus Loves Me
104515 Bear The Good News of Christmas
104396 Happy Days Are Here Again
104311 A Mother's Love is From Above
104282 Hugs Can Tame The Wildest Heart
104281 Carry A Song In Your Heart
104279 His Love Is Reflected in You
104276 Together We Can Move Mountains
104275 Life's Ups 'N Downs Are Smoother With You
104272 You Cane Count On Me
104789 Delievering Lots of Love
104788 Making The Holidays Special
104786 Papas Makes The Season Bright
104785 No One's Sweeter than Mom
104784 The True Spirit of Christmas Guides The Way
104781 There's Sno-One Quite Like You
104780 Lots of Good Things Are Coming Your Way
104778 Lots of Good Things Are Coming Your Way
104799 I'd Jump Through Hoops for You
104801 You're a Perfect Match
104800 You're a Perfect 10
104798 I Trust In The Lord For My Strength
104796 Hanging out for the Holidays
104794 Hooked on the Holidays
104791 Packed With Love
104793 Holiday Surprises Come in All Sizes
104792 Overflowing With Holiday Joy
104790 Bringing Bouquets of Love