E-9289 Trust in The Lord
12114 Summer's Joy (plate)
12106 The Voice of Spring (Plate)
12092 Winter's Song
12084 Autumn's Praise
12076 Summer's Joy
12068 The Voice Of Spring
12025 Loving You
12017 Loving You
12009 Love Covers All
12262 I Get a Bang Out of You
12238 Clown Figurines
12211 Baby's First Haircut
12203 Get into The Habit of Prayer
12173 There's a Song in My Heart
12165 Lord, Keep My Life in Tune
12157 This is the Day (which) The Lord Has Made
12149 Part of Me Wants to Be Good
12130 Winter's Song (plate)
12122 Autumn's Praise (Plate)
12394 He is My Song
12386 Lord Give Me a Song
12378 Happiness is The Lord
12351 Halo, and Merry Christmas
12343 Jesus is Coming Soon
12335 You Can Fly
12319 God Bless Our Home
12300 Love Never Fails
12297 It is Better to Give Than Receive
12270 Lord Keep Me on The Ball
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