Tired of getting gifts you did not want? Tired of people asking what do you want for Christmas? Or tired of picking up your own gifts for someone to give you?? Make your Christmas Wish list today!  Why make family and friends wonder what to get you - make it easy and you get something you want.  Fill out the wish list and it will be forwarded to loved ones (you provide mailing or email address to forward wish list). You get to shop our store (which has a lot of selections) and we will pass on your "wish list".  We will even gift wrap them!!  This is the best way to shop!  Simply fill out the information below and we will take care of the rest!
Your Name:
Your Family/Friends who you wish to get a copy of your "wish list" (please provide either a mailing address or email address)
And now Shop!

Item Number
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(this information is needed for each item you wish to add to your list).
We will type your list up and pass it on to family and friends!  They will have the choice of getting them gift wrapped.  Items can be send direct to either customer or reciever of gift.  For more information E-Mail me!
Wish lists must be submitted by Nov. 30, 2005 (to give time to prepare list and forward in time for the holidays!)
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