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Precious Moments Collection Software
Click on pictures for larger view of items!
Click on pictures for larger view of items!
This is a great software program to use on-line to keep track of your Precious Moments Collection! You can organize your whole Precious Moments Collection (including dolls, figurines, musicals, gifware and much more).
Software includes and features:
*  Easy to use interface
*  Add unlimited items
*  Enter detailed description per item
*  Powerful search options allow you to search by size, name, number, price and much more! (all fields can be used to do searches).
*  Add upto 5 images per item
*  Print great reports (to use for insurance)
*  Insert auto clip which describles your items
*  Customize drop down fields your way
*  Insert digital photos with 1 click.  Insert Jpg, bmp, gif, tiff. Insert directly from digital camera or scanner
*  Items are saved automatically after entry (no loosing information by forgetting to hit save)
*  Left corner always displays total amount of pieces in your collection
*  Keeps track of your profits and losses automatically
*  Sort by name, price, year any field can be used to sort your collection.
*  Keep track of price paid and Shipping costs, then calculate totals.
*  Always know total of your collection pieces (listed on bottom of page)
*  Built in help system
*  Everything is done on the main screen so there aren't any pop ups coming up.
*  Print reports profit is market in Green losses are market in Red. You can print reports for:
Print collection reports
Print market value reports
Print individual item report with images
Print collection report with image thumbnails
Print market value with image thumbnails.
*  Beside the front image - you can add 4 additional photo for a total of 5 per item.
*  System Requirements:
works with all versions of windows operating systems. Must have CDROM drive to load CD.
Collection software is only $25.00!
*  Insert motion video clips of your items
Precious Moments 2004 Value Guide
The 2004 Precious Moments Collectors Guide is brought to you by the authors of the original Precious Moments guide to company dolls.  This book has more than 2,300 Precious Moments bisque figurines that include current as well as retired pieces.  It has the history, information on production marks, and helpful cleaning tips to keep your collection clean.  They are listed in number order and is very user friendly.  It includes checklists for you to keep track of your collection.  It comes in full color and each item is pictured.  This book includes figurines and ornaments.  With more than 430 pages it is 5.5" x 8.5".  Includes item number, date issued, and current status.  This is the most comprehensive official guide to Precious Moments Figurines on the market and includes 2004 values.  The last Precious Moments Value guide like this was put out in 2001 by checkerbee (who is out of business now).  You will love this book to keep track of your collection and to make your wish list of new pieces.
A few sample pictures from the book! Click for larger view!
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FULL COLOR! Includes all the new items and current values for each item!
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2006 Precious Moments Value Guide
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