Precious Moments 2004 Suspensions
176958 "Some Plant, Some Water, But God Giveth The Increase"  1996
731064 "Take Thyme For Yourself" 2000
129127 "Beside The Still Water"  1999
129143 "The Beauty Of God Blooms Forever"  1999
261084B "You Have Touched So Many Hearts" burnette 2001
306959B "For The Sweetest Tu-lips In Town" Burnette 2001
488089 "He'll Carry Me Through" 2000
587907 "My Life Is A Vacuum Without You" 1999
795208 "The Lord Can Dew Anything" 2000
129119 "He Graces The Earth With Abundance" 1999
129135 "He Covers The Earth With His Glory" 1999
890871 "God's Love Has No Measure" 2001
795275 "You're As Sweet As Apple Pie" 2000
937282 "We've Got The Right Plan" 2001
Precious Moments Suspension Announcement! 
October 14, 2005

Suspension is the indefinite removal of a piece from production. Suspension does not mean that the piece will never be made again, only that it is temporarily not being produced.  Should the decision be made to retire a piece that is already suspended, that piece will be brought back into production for a period of time before retirement actually occurs.
763225 "Eat Turkey"
587842 "Eat Ham"
128309 "Dreams Really Do Come True"
891045 "Daddy's Little Girl"
521973 "Caught Up In Sweet Thoughts of You"
119918 "Baby" (girl standing)
119916 "Baby" (boy standing)
692409 "Alleluia, You Make Beauty Blossom
112313 "A Tub Full of Love"
811815 "A Godchild Close To My Heart"
729892 "I'm Proud To Be An American"
928534 "I am a Bee-Liever"
729930 "I'm Proud To Be An American"
730033 "I'm Proud To Be An American"
101502 "I'm a Big Sister"
101503 "I'm A Big Brother"
455822 "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
532118 "The Lord Bless You and Keep You
874493 "Groom"
874485 "Bride"
901571 "Maid of Honor"
901563 "Best Man"
795399 "Groom"
795380 "Bride"
731587 "Grandma I'll Never Out Grow You"
E-2832 "God Bless The Bride"
650013 "Giving My Heart Freely"
892726 "Ewe Are So Precious To Me"
730149 "Everything is Beautiful In Its Own Way"
213624 "Wee Three Kings"
108243 "They Followed The Star"
283444 "For An Angel You're So Down To Earth"
E-2387 "Nativity Building and Trees"
213616 "Shepherd With Lamb"
279323 "Camel, Cow, Donkey"
524301B "May Your Birthday Be A Blessing"
129097 "Love Vows To Always Bloom"
539953 "Lord, Police Protect Us"
958832 "Our Heroes In The Sky"
928550 "The Lord Is Always Bee-side Us"
889563 "The Lord is The Hope Of Our Future"
532134 The Lord Bless You and Keep You"
523453B "The Good Lord Always Delivers"
104271 "Owl Always Be There For You"
890952 "Our Friendship Was Made To Order"
879096 "Oh What A Wonder-Fall Day"
101826 "No Tears Past The Gate"
795321 "No Bones About It - You're Grr-eat"
283436 "Nativity Wall"
795348 "Blessed With a Loving Godmother"
928542 "Precious Friends"
523178 "Joy On Arrival"
902101 "Una Madre Es El Corazon De La Familia"
679879 "Bless You"
795283 "You're A Honey"
795267 "You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings"
102407 "Angel of Mercy"
104796 "Hanging Out For The Holidays"
104794 "Hooked On The Holidays"
104792 "Overflowing With Holiday Joy"
104791 "Packed With Love"
104790 "Bringing Bouquets of  Love"