"COOL DRINKS" Wonderfully Refreshing!
Summer Sparklers - Wonderfully refressing drink mixes to add to still or sparkling water for uniquely delicious FUN.  There is enough mix to fill a 1/2 gallon pitcher with fruity, thirst-quenching, summer magic.  Each package is tied with a bright matallic pinwheel straws and features smiling sun graphics.  Great for summer get-togethers or summer hostess presents! $6.00 each
Flavors: Key Lime Mint, Strawberry Peach, Raspberry Mango
Tropical Fruit Fizzes - Just add soda water for the most refreshing, nose tickling, tropical treat. Each wicker printed tote makes one quart of fizz - 1/2 gallon of cooling deliciousness when served over ice. Tote is tied with raffia and two fun drinking umbrella straws.  $6.00 each. Comes in Pineapple Passion Fruit Fizz, Watermelon Key Lime Fizz, Peach Mango Fizz.
Pina Colada Mix - Easy recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic pina colada drinks and punches.  Tongue tingling, tropical taste.  Packed in green tote bag with framed pineapple label and wire whisk for mixing.  $7.00 each
Horseradish Bloody Mary Mix - Zesty seasoning mix to make 1 gallon of the best Bloody Marys.  Packed in a Green Tote Bag with original framed artwork and a wire whisk for mixing.  $7.00 each
Margarita Mix - Enough mix to make Margaritas by the pitcher or glass - also non-alcoholic recipes. This mix will float your boat. Packed in green tote bag with framed lime and wire whisk for mixing. $7.00 each
Refreshing Lemonade Mix - By popular demand - our best selling lemonade mix in brand new package - a neon green fold over gift box tied with a yellow ribbon, and a wire whisk.  A refreshing and delicious summertime treat.  $7.00 each
Key lime, Raspberry or Peach Lemonade
Just add water for the most refreshing and delicious lemonade you have ever tasted.  Great for both kids and adults, these bright yellow fold over gift boxes are adorned with colorful ribbons and whisks for mixing.  We love them all!  Key Lime Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade or Peach Lemonade $7.00 each
Instant Iced Tea Mixes
Refreshing and delicious instant teas packed into green fold over gift boxes with beautiful labels, decorative coordinated spotted ribbons, and a whisk for mixing.  Perfect for those lazy, hazy days of summer or anytime.  Comes in Peach Instant Iced Tea, Raspberry Instant Iced Tea, or Key Lime Mango Instant Iced Tea.  $7.00 each.
These cheesecake pieces are EASY to make, NO BAKE, and totally delicious!
Key Lime Cheesecake Pie Mix
All the appeal of our best selling Key Lime Pie Mix, but now in a cheesecake flavor with a graham cracker crumb pie crust mix. Packaged in a shiny green tote, tied with ribbon and a wooden spoon. Great gift and YUM YUM! $10.00 each
Peach Cheesecake Mix
Down home peach flavor whipped with cream cheese in a graham cracker crumb crust. Honey, you can almost smell the magnolias! Take 5 minutes to stip up this treat then stand by to receive the complements!  $10.00 each
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie Mix
Indulge your guests with our new no bake pumpkin cheesecake pie with gingersnap cookie crust.  Kit is packaged in a green tote with raffia and wooden spoon. A perfect ending to any meal! $10.00 each
Chocolate Cheesecake Pie Mix
Chocolate cheesecake in a chocolate wafer crust... two of the best flavors in the world combined into one easy no-bake dessert. Packaged in green tote with a ribbon and wooden spoon.  There will be no leftovers when you serve this dessert. Great gift for anyone who loves to eat, but is not too enthusiastic about cooking. $10.00 each.
This will be the hit of the party!  Garden Party Vegetable Dip, Island Fiesta Salsa Mix, or Mexican Fiesta Salsa Mix.  Easy to make and comes in this cute mini purple tin bucket with a mini garden shovel for serving.  Best tasting! $9.00 each.
Key Lime Pie Mix (best Selling), Peach Mousse Pie Mix, or Mile-high Strawberry Pie Mix.  Totally Wonderful!! Enough to make 2 pies each. Comes topped off with a cute ribbon, handtag and whisk.  $7.50 each.
Soup Mixes in Jars
Very delicious, easy to make soup! Ready in just 20 minutes, serves 6-8 and freezes beautifully.  Just add water! Complete with wooden spoon and fabric topper! Comes in Minestrone Soup Mix, Country Vegetable Soup, and Chicken Noodle.  $12.50 each.
Miss Gracie's Cookie Mixes in Jars
Easy and delicious!! Just add eggs and butter for the BEST homemade cookies.  Comes complete with fabric topper and wooden spoon.  Comes in Chocolate, Peanut Butter, M&M cookie Mix, Oatmeal, Cherry, Chocolate Chip Mix, and Brownie Mix with Chocolate Chips. $12.50 each.