Precious Moments Stamps
I started off with over 100 wood mounted Precious Moments stamps and this is all I have left.  These were discontinued years ago so you won't be able to find them.  These are all I have!! I will NOT be getting anymore in to sell! Thank you!! They are all brand new never used!
Indian Boy $20.00
Football Boy $25.00
Bear Cub $20.00
Bunny loves Bear $25.00
Gift Teddy $20.00
Great for Christmas Cards or to stamp the back of envelopes for Christmas Cards! Hint hint!!
Always there for me $30.00
Soccer Boy $22.00
I also have the following: 
Pictures will be added soon!!
Togetherness (wedding Stamp) $30.00
Two little Angels $28.00
Warmest Thoughts $30.00
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