E-3113     Thou Art Mine
101552     Were the Deer and Antelope Play
103632     I Believe in the Old Rugged Cross
104270     I Get a Cluck Out Of You
106671     Standing Beside Her and Guide Her
112878     God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
129119     I Give You My
129127     Beside the Still Waters
129135     He Covers the Earth With His Glory
129143     The Beauty of God Blooms Forever
135984      He is mmy Salvation
272422     Good Friends are Forever
272434     We are God's Workmanship
272450     Make a Joyful Noise
272485     You have Touched so Many Hearts
272507     Love One Another
306916     Friendship hits the Spot
306940     He Cleansed my Soul
307033     Fork over Those Blessing to Others
325279     Wait Patiently on the Lord
455733     Praise the Lord and Dosie-Do
455865     Wishing you a Moo-ie Christmas
488089     He'll Carry me Through
488321     You Can't Take it With You
490318     God Knows Our Ups and Downs
521345     Life's Journey has its Ups and Downs
521981     Marching to the Beat of Freedom's Drum
523550     He is our Shelter from the Storm
525979     Going Home
530697     Serenity Prayer Girl
539910     Shear Happiness and Hare Cuts
588091     Dear Jon, I will Never Leave You
649732     Hay Good Lookin'
680990     God Gives Us Memories So That We Might Have Roses
795208     The Lord Can Dew Anything
795356     Life Would be the Pits Without Friends
News and Press Release
Precious Moments Retirement Announcement! Released Oct. 14, 2005
Retirement is the highest honor that a Precious Moments Collectible can be awarded.  When a figurine is retired, the production mold is broken and it will never be produced again.
October 14 2005 Retired Pieces
272531 "Sharing The Light of Love"
113966 "His Blessings Are Without Measure"
114918 "Friends Make Life More Fun"
E-5638 "Large Nativity Cow With Bell"
115654 "Lets Sea Where This Friendship Takes Us"
118728 "Bringing You My Heart"
113965 "You Shall Recieve a Crown of Gloy"
730211 "Home-made of Love"