Precious Moments Production Marks
Before 1981 - No Mark (NM)
Mid 1981 - Triangle (TRI)
1982 - Hourglass (HG)
1983 - Fish (FSH)
1984 - Cross (CRS)
1986 - Olive Branch (OB)
1985 - Dove (DVE)
1987 - Cedar Tree (CT)
1988 - Flower (FLW)
1989 - Bow & Arrow (BA)
1990 - Flame (FLM)
1991 - Vessel (VSL)
1993 - Butterfly (BFY)
1992 - Clef (CLF)
1994 - Trumpet (TRP)
1995 - Ship (SHP)
1997 - Sword (SRD)
1996 - Heart (HRT)
1998 - Glasses (GL)
1999 - Star (STR)
2000 - Egg (E)
2003 - Crown (CRN)
2002 - Cross in Heart (CH)
2001 - Sandal (SDL)
Special Production Marks
Diamond (DIA)
1992 Flag (FLGS)
Rosebud (RSB)
Easter Seals Lily (LIL)
1991 Flag (FLG)
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2004 Precious Moments
Suspended Pieces List
What does RETIRED, SUSPENDED, and CLOSED mean???
How to care for and clean your
Precious Moments Figurines
The secondary market is formed when a piece is no longer available.  This happens when a piece is retired. Once a piece is retired and sells out at retail stores it becomes more valuable on the secondary market and collectors are typically willing to pay more than its original worth, increasing the value of the figurine.
There are three methods that Enesco uses to end production of a piece.  They are RETIRED, SUSPENDED or CLOSED.
When a piece is RETIRED, the mold is broken and that piece can never be created again.  Enesco rarely announces that a piece will be retired,  usually they retire pieces with no warning.  After a piece is out of production, collectors have only a small amount of time to find the pieces and buy it before they will never see it again.
Suspended pieces means that their production ends temporarily, and the molds for the figurine are in tact.  Suspended pieces can be re-introduced at a later time. Nonetheless, they are sometimes brought back for a short time or a special 1 day only event.  They also can have changes in color, which makes both the re-designed piece and the original piece valuable to collectors and unique in their own way.
Closed pieces are usually dated pieces or figurines that are known to have limited production run. Frequently only produced for a certain year, or limited to a pre-specified quantity, closed pieces (also known as limited edition pieces) tend to have higher secondary market value.
Tips for cleaning your collection clean and keeping it safe.  Make sure to keep your collection in a safe, smoke-free area and out of direct sunlight (as this will cause fading). Enesco recommends that you hand wash your pieces using warm water and any mild soap.  Then wipe them with a damp cloth.  Be sure to place something soft (like a towel) underneath the area in which you are working just in case the piece gets dropped.  When done wipe them with a soft towel and place aside to dry completely.  Keep all original paperwork, packaging and boxes if you plan on selling your collection in the future.  There is a higher resale value on the secondary market if everything is included.
information has been collected from Checkerbee's 2001 Value Guide and the 2004 Value guide to figurines.
Precious Moments is the original and most enduring collection of social expression and inspirational images in America.  With its teardrop-eyed children and distinctive color palette, Precious Moments offers consumers a tangible way to commemorate important milestones and daily triumphs including marriages, the birth of a child, or a new friendship.  Known by 85% of American women and domination the $21 billion gift and collectibles market, Precious Moments has been the #1 selling brand in this category for the past 15 years.  Samuel Butcher is the creator the Precious Moments line.
2004 Precious Moments Retirement List (JUST ADDED 10-14-04)
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