Other Precious Moments Items
Precious Moments Love is Kind Beach/Bath towel. This large towel (30 x 60) is very soft and a must have for the summer for any Precious Moments Fan!! It has the words "Love is Kind" on the bottom and has a boy and girl on the swing.  Towel is pink and comes brand new with original tag still attached!  Get it fast!!  Only $16.00
Precious Moments Ceramic Bank! This is so cute and great for saving money! :)  This bank is brand new in original box.  Has a boy and girl sitting on a tree stump.  The tree stump reads: "A penny for your thoughts".  This is made of hard ceramic (not cheep plastic). Has a black rubber stopper located on the bottom (to get your savings out)!  The slot for the money is located in the back (see photo).  What a cute piece and this has a lot of detail! Only $25.00!
Precious Moments Ceramic Bank! This is a cute little girl in a rain coat.  The bottom reads "Saving for a Rainy Day".  The slot for the money is located in the back (see 2nd photo). This has a rubber stopper on the bottom so you can take the money out.  It even has 2 little yellow ducks.  Very cute and lots of detail!  Would be great for any collector.  This comes brand new in original box! BUY IT NOW ONLY $25.00
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Precious Moments Pot Holder/Oven Mitt Set.  This comes brand new with tag still attached.  This is a oven mitt and a pot holder that have the "LOVE ONE ANOTHER" design on them.  Great for your kitchen! Buy it now only $12.50 for the set (includes 1 of each)
Precious Moments Kitchen Towel Set. Includes 2 towels.  Brand new with original tag still attached.  Has the "LOVE ONE ANOTHER" picture on them. Buy them now only $12.50 (includes 2 towels)
Buy all 3 and save on Shipping!!!
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Precious Moments Towel.  This is BRAND NEW with original tag still attached.  This is 1 towel that has the "Love One Another" photo that is embroidered.  (rich looking). Would be great with the potholder set and other kitchen towels. Buy it now only $10.50
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4305152545 Sold for $18.50
3291985450 Sold for $21.50
4307463927 Sold for $23.00
4306157234 Sold for $23.50
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4307450433 Sold for $21.76
4306158087 Sold for $22.26
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Precious Moments Joyful Noise Pot Holder/Oven Mitt Set.  You will get 1 pot holder and 1 oven mitt.  They are so cute and have a light blue background. Brand new with original tags. SOLD OUT
Precious Moments Joyful Noise 2 piece Towel Set.  These are so cute and would be a perfect addition to your kitchen.  You get 2 kitchen towels. Brand New with original tags.  SOLD OUT
Precious Moments Kitchen Towel. This is for 1 towel - fancy. It has the Joyful Noise embroidered on it.  Brand New with original tags. Towel is white.  Buy it now only $10.50.
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This beautiful Angel Tree Topper would look great on any tree.  She has cute pink wings and a pretty white dress.  Her dress reads "Peace" across the top.  She is wearing a gold halo on her head.  Comes brand new in original box.  Don't miss out on this cutie! Buy it now $25.00 Be sure to click on the pictures for larger view of the items!
"Timmy The Angel" 50" $6.19 each
"Birthday Star" 18" $2.19 each
"It's a Girl" 18" $2.19 each
"Get Well Soon" 18" $2.19 each
"It's a Boy 18" $2.19 each
"Babies Are A Gift From God"
18" $2.19 each
"Just Married"
18" $2.19 each
"Baby Shower"
18" $2.19 each
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