Welcome to Kim's Korner Nursery.  Here at Kim's Korner we help new parents find just the perfect baby to adopt.  Weather a boy or girl we have the perfect new addition to your family.  Take the tour and then come in and visit our nursery to find your special new baby.
We have lots of new babies waiting for new parents to adopt them.  The stork delivers new babies often so be sure to keep checking back to find a new baby for your family.
Tour of how
Kim's Korner Nursery Works.
The nurse on duty will help you pick out just the right baby to add to your family.
You can hold the new baby in the nursery to make sure they are just the right one for you to adopt.
Once you have found just the right baby to adopt from Kim's Korner Nursery, we will ask you to fill out the nursery adoption form (this form is used to invite you to our baby showers)
Kim's Korner Nurse on duty will go over your paperwork to make sure we have the correct information for you and the new baby. 
To complete the adoption of your new baby from Kim's Korner Nursery, we will give you a birth certificate for your new baby. 
Each new baby adoption goes home with a new blanket and baby bottle from Kim's Korner
Most of the new babies at Kim's Korner wear baby clothes size 0-3 months.  Be sure to check with the nurse at Kim's Korner for the size clothes for your new baby.
Don't forget your baby will need lots of love and attention.  Pack a diaper bag with your babies new clothes, bottle, blanket and anything else you and your new baby will need.
Enter the Nursery - to view the babies that are available for adoption.