Loving, Caring and Sharing
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The ebay exclusive figurine titled, "LOVING" was the first piece to be introduced in the 3-piece "collect them all" set.  It is limited to only 3500 pieces.  The second limited edition piece, "Caring" are now available.  The third and final limited edition figurine, "Sharing" is also now available.  When the three pieces are put together, their bases interlock to form a heart.  The title of the 3-piece set is "Make Time  for Loving, Caring, and Sharing." 
Don't miss out on purchasing this set because it was only limited to 3500 pieces total!  If you got 1 piece and miss the others your set will not be complete.  Buy today before they are all gone!!!

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has "LOVING" listed for sale at $262.50! Want the proof?  Click on the logo to take you to the page!
It also take 2-4 weeks for delivery!
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This page is set up to help you find rare, limited pieces, and exclusives.  Most of these are VERY hard to find available so take advantage of our store having them and get them before they are gone! 
"My Dream Boat" Collectible Bisque Dealer Piece limited 3000 pieces
"Your Love Gives Me Wings" Collectible Bisque Dealer Piece limited 3000 pieces
"My Mona Lisa"
"A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes" Understamp limited 1,000 pieces
"Her Children Will Rise Up and Called Her Blessed"
"Magically Ever After" Understamp limited 1,000 pieces
"I Love You Forever and Always
"May Love Blossom Wherever You Go"
"We Gather Together To Ask The Lord's Blessing"
"Bless This House"
"Silent Knight"
"Ringing In The Season"
"Ringing In The Season"
"Joy" Collectible Bisque Dealer Piece limited 3,000 pieces
"Gloria In Excelsis Deo"
"God's Love Is Reflected In You"
"A Perfect Display of 15 Happy Years"
"Building Special Friendships"
"Many Moons In The Same Canoe, Blessum You"
"Jesus Is My Lighthouse"
"The Good Lord Has Blessed Us Tenfold"
"There's Magic In Those Ears" understamp limited 1000 pieces
"The Wonderful Thing 'Bout Tiggers" understamp limited 1000 pieces
"A World Of My Own" Aurora Disneyland Understamp limited 1,000 pieces
"A World Of My Own" Cinderella Disneyworld understamp limited 1000 pieces
"Happiness Is Best Shared Together" understamp limited 1,000 pieces
"Follow Your Heart"
Limited to 1500 pieces
"Embraced In Your Love" Collectible Bisque Dealer Piece Limited 3,000
"Life's A PicnicWith Your Honey" Collectible Bisque Dealer Piece Limited 3,000 pieces
"When You Wish Upon A Star" Special understamp limited 1,000 pieces
"Dreams Really Do Come True" Limited to 1500 pieces
"You Are My Work Of Art" (2nd in series - to My Mona Lisa) Limited Edition of 1500 pieces
"The World is A Stage Featuring Precious Moments.  25th Anniversary Limited Edition. Only 1,000 made. Signed by Hiko and Gene Freedman.  Each individually hand-numbered!
"Loving Every Precious Moment With You" 25th Anniversary Member's Only Figurine.