Kim's Korner
Lay - Away Program
How to place a Lay-Away and how it works:
Lay-away terms are available on all orders (no minimum purchase amount).  Lay-aways must be paid in 3 installments of 1/3 of the total price (including s/h and insurance). There are no additional fees to put items on lay-aways.  Payments are to be paid in monthly installments.  You will receive your lay-away bill  1 week prior to the payment due date.  Payment is expected to be paid at the 1st of every month (bills are only sent as reminders but it is your responsibility to make payments every month by the 1st of the month to avoid late payment fee's). Once your lay-away order has been paid in full, your order will be shipped at that time.
Terms for Lay Away Payment:
Your first installment of payments (1/3 of total) is due immediately.  Once we get this first payment your lay-away contract will be opened.  We accept Paypal (non-credit card payments only), Money Orders, or Cashiers Checks. The items ordered will then be placed on lay-away and held aside until final payment has been received. Customers have 7 days to get payment to us for the first initial payment.  Payments not received within 7 days will be cancelled.  Payments will be due every month on the 1st.
Kim's Korner C.C. accepts Paypal (non credit card payment ONLY), Money Order or Cashiers Checks as payments for Lay- Aways! We do not automatically charge your credit card.
Lay-away payments may be paid in full at any time.  This is before the payment due date and can be paid in full with no penalty charges.
Cancellation Terms:
You may cancel your lay-away plan at any time, however, we do not issure refunds or issue credits on previously made payments.  There will be no exceptions!
Late Payments:
Will be charged 10% late fee (on total purchase price - not balance) if payment is not received by the 5th of the month. This 10% is not taken off payment balance this is an extra fee due to late payment.  If this is the last payment you must pay 10% fee before items will be shipped even if balance for items has been paid.  If any payment is 7 days overdue, you will receive a cancellation notice.  This notice must be paid and received with in 3 days or your lay-away plan will be cancelled.  No refunds will be issued.  Please see Cancellation Terms above.
Lay-away payments may not be transferred to another.  Lay-away deposits and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.
When final payment has been received your order will be shipped to you and an email will be sent letting you know we received your payment and your order has been shipped.
To place an order on lay-away please email FULL order (everything you wish to be put on lay-away) to Kim (  Please include shipping address so that s/h/i can be calculated as this will be your final purchase price that will be your lay-away total.  Once this is received you will receive an invoice via email with your order and all the lay-away terms.  At this time your lay-away is in "hold" until first payment has been received. This first payment must be received within 7 days or the "hold" will be released and your items will not be placed on lay-away or held.

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