Musical Water Globes
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You are always there for me
"Ring around the rosies"
Friendship is soda-licious
"In the good old summer time"
Noah's Ark
"By the Beautiful Sea"
Wedding Cake
"Wedding March"
Roads of Happiness
"Wedding March"
While Walking in The park one Day
"While walking in the park one day"
Love one Another
"Love will keep us together"
Dreams really do come true
"Love will keep us together"
You always keep me afloat
"In the good old summer time"
Good Friends never Drift apart
"That's what friends are for"
Water Globes are all brand new and come  in original box and styrofoam packing.  Water globes are $30.00 each!
The title is in black and the song that one plays is in purple.
We wish you a Merry Christmas
"We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
O Come Let Us Adore Him
"Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"
Peace On Earth
"Joy To The World"
Double Music Waterball
"Skater's Waltz"
You Have Touched So Many Hearts
"Tales Of The Vienna Woods"
   Life is made up of Precious Moments, and it is our memory of these moments that inspires us and reminds us what matters most - that life is a priceless gift to be cherished. 
     Sometimes trials and tragedies make us question our faith and the importance of our lives.
     It is easier to be happy and content during good times, but during times of difficulty and struggle, faith and hope are especially necessary.
    This is when our memories of
Precious Moments rekindle the flame of past joys and strengthen us.
They fortify us in the face of adversity.
    Sometimes it's a simple childhood memory or, perhaps, the recollection of a parent's love, or a baby's smile.  Sometimes it's the warm presence of a close friend.
    Our lives are filled with these treasures. They bring a smile to our lips, a lift to our spirits, and a bit of warmth to our hearts- and they are always there.
    These are the
Precious Moments of our lives.
By Ballantine

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My Love Will Keep You Warm
"Fur Elise"
Moms Make The Best Teachers
"A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody"
Skating Girl
"Skater's Waltz"
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