Kim's Korner is now a Disney Authorized Retailer.
"Spring Flight School" $48.00
"What I Love Most is Sharing With You" $30.00
"Sweet Thoughts of You" $20.00
"I Love You This Much" $60.00
"A Good Deed For Friends in Need" $45.00"
"Luv U" $45.00
"Missing You" $25.00
"Chilly, Willy, Silly Ol' Tigger" $30.00
"Smiles and Tickles from Pooh to You" $32.00
"We Laugh through Ups and Downs" $45.00
"The Sky's The Limit" $38.00
"Your Smile is My Umbrella" $45.00
"Friends Dream Together" $30.00
"Make A Birthday Wish As Big As Your Heart" $30.00
"Wishing You The Sweetest Holiday Ever" $30.00
"We'll Always Be Friends From Beginning to End" $33.00
"Together is Our Favorite Way To Be" $35.00
"You Can Always Count On Me" $45.00
"Oh Cheer, Cheer, It's That Time Of Year" $30.00
"A Splendiferous Celebration" $25.00
"Recipe for Friendship" $45.00
"A Good Friends Sticks To You Like Honey" $45.00
"Tigger Makes the Best Christmas Tree" $35.00
"Big Hearts Come In Small Packages" $20.00
"Special Delivery" $38.00
"Springtime is the Best Time To Lend a Helping Hand" $45.00
"Thanks a Big Bouncy Bunch" $30.00
"You've Taught me Everything I need to Grow" $25.00
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Introducing three new rotating musicals featuring 3 of our top selling Pooh and Friends Figurines.  A thoughful sort of gift for the young at heart.
4002609 "Friendship is Huggerific"
Plays: The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers.  Price $55.00
4002607 "Heartfelt Wishes From Me To You" Plays: Happy Birthday Price: $50.00
4002608 "Friends, Together Forever" Plays: Winnie The Pooh Price $60.00
"Hunny Of a Day Ferris Wheel" #17211 $110.00
"Pre Shrunk" #17719
"Right Track" # 17720
"I'm Too Cute" # 17721
"What About Me?" # 17722
"Balanced Diet" #17702
"Good Thing" #17701
"Mondays" #17705
"Out Of Bed" #17704
"Volunteer" #17703
"Pilates" #17706
"Ups & Downs" Animated #17714
"A Little Sticky" Bobble Head #17711
"Dr. Pooh" #17710
"Don't Tempt Me" #17709
"Vertical Stripes" #17708
"Great Healer" #17707
"I Don't Do Perky" Animated # 17712
"Burning Calories" Animated #17713

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