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"A Mother's Love Grows By Giving" 640004 Retires Mother's Day 2007
"Boy Porcelain Cross Box with Rosary" 644025
"Dreams Really Do Come True" 640041
"Cinderella Photo Frame" 4x6 644002
"Ariel Photo Frame" 4x6 644001
"Belle Picture Frame" 4x6 644018
"Follow Your Heart" 640042
"Sweet Is The Voice Of My Sister" 640033
"A Sister Is A Gift To The Heart And A Friend" 640032
"Having A Sister Is Always Having A Friend" 640031
"The Heart Of A Mother Is Reflected In Her Child" Boy 640001
"The Heart Of A Mother Is Reflected In Her Child" Girl 640002
"Mom, You Are A Bouquet Of Love & Understanding 640003 FREE GIFT
"Do This In Memory Of Me" Girl 640022
"General Communion Porcelain Frame" 3 1/2 x 5 644021
"Do This In Memory Of Me" Boy 640023
"Boy Porcelain Cross" 644023
"Communion Boy Porcelain Frame"
3 1/2 x 5 644027
2007 Fun Club Membership "Bubbling Over With Fun" 790005
"Capturing The Moment" DVD 6410
"You Are My Work Of Art" 640046 Limited to 10,000 individual numbered
"A World Of Possibilities Lies Ahead" 640047 FREE GIFT INCLUDED
"Confirmation Porcelain Box" 644029
"Confirmation Porcelain Frame" 
3 1/2 x 5  644028
"Girl Cross Porcelain Box With Rosary" 644024
"Filled With Wonder And Awe In The Holy Spirit" 640021
"Communion Girl Porcelain Frame"
3 1/2 x 5  644026
"Girl Porcelain Cross" 644022
These will ship after Feb 15, 2007
"2007 Collectors Club Membership "It Only Takes A Moment To Show You Care" 790001
"The Warmth Of Christmas Comes From The Heart" 690012
"The Purr-fect Christmas Morning" 690006
Girl With Stocking Musical Globe Plays: 12 Days of Christmas 711002
Girl With Snowflake Musical Globe Plays: Deck The Halls 711001
"Plush Snowman" 715003
"You're One Of A Kind" 710024
"Warmed By Your Love" 710020
"Always Here To Guide And Protect You" 710018
"Winter Is So Cool" 710023
"Let Your Spirit Soar With The Glee Of The Season" 710016
"The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Love, Joy and Peace" 710017
"The Warmth Of Christmas Comes From The Heart" doll 3366
"Winter's Such A Ball" 710019
"Deck The Halls" 710022
"Snowman Snowflake 2.5 Photo Frame" 714002
"A Tiny Tot With Her Eyes All Aglow" 710009
"Dancing For Joy On Christmas Morning" 2007 Dated 710001
"Jump For Joy On Christmas Morning" 710007
"Dancing For Joy On Christmas Morning" 2007 Dated 710003
"Dancing For Joy On Christmas Morning" 2007 Dated 710002
"Baby's First Christmas" (GIRL) 710005
"Our First Christmas Together" 710004
"Baby's First Christmas" (BOY) 710006
"Clearing A Path To You" 710021
"A New Friend Is A Joy To Find" 690014
"His Eyes How They Twinkled" 710012
"Merry Christmas Express-ly For You" 690015
"Christmas Morning Is Just The Sweetest" 690013
"The Wonder Of It All" 710008
"The Gift Is In The Giving" 710010
"A Gift Made With Love" 710011
Shipping late July 2007 (Pre-Order NOW!)
"Close Friends Make The Season Special" 710055 Ornament
"Girl with Minnie Teacup" 717008
"Mother/Daughter Cookie Teacup" 717007
"Mother/Daughter Cookie Plate" 717006
"Mother/Daughter Teapot" 717005
"Nothing's Sweeter Than Time Together" 710039
"Girl With Minnie At Mantel" 717002 Photo Frame
"Making A List And Checking It Twice" 710056 (ornament)
"The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney with Care" 710037
"The Magic Of The Season" 710050
"Old Friends Make The Season Bright" 710051 Ornament
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" 710058 Ornament
"Two Scoops Are Better When Shared With You" 710032
"Life Is Sweeter With You" 710033
"I Will Be Glad And Rejoice In You" 710026
"Rock Around The Clock" 710027
"When They Saw The Star They Were Over-Joyed" 710040
"I Bring You Good News Of Great Joy" 710041
"Noel" 710042
"Boy With Donald Duck Water Globe" 717003 Plays: 12 Days Of Christmas
"Boy With Donald Duck 4 x 6 Photo Frame" 717001
"Girl With Minnie Water Globe" 717004 Plays: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
"There's Nothin' To It When It Comes To You" 710038
"Aren't You Sweet" 710036
"You Are My Sunshine" 710031
LIMITED EDITION PIECES!  LARGE PIECES AND MUST HAVES!!!  Each piece is individually hand-numbered
"Friendship Is A Sweet Journey" 720012
"Your Friendship Grows Sweeter With Each Day" 720011
"You're My Hero" 720003
"You Comfort Comes From The Heart" 720002
"You Make The Grade" 720001
"Your Friendship Sweetens My Life" 720013
"Let Your Heart Give You Joy In The Days Of Your Youth" 720021
"Felicidades Quinceanera" 720022
"It's So Much More Friendly With Two" 720019
" Always Reach For The Stars" 720020
"Puppet Show Frame" 727001
" You Make The Best Of A Rainy Day" 720018
"A Friend In Need... " 720017