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"Have Your Cake and Eat It Too" 550028 
"Happily Ever After..." 550029
"From This Day Forward" 550027
"Her Children Will Rose Up And Call Her Blessed" 550025 (LIMITED)
"You Must Be Tickled Pink" 550009 
"Happiness is Being a Mom" 115926 
"Mom's Are The Greatest Gift of All" 550011  
"Let Your Gentle Spirit Be Known To All" 550039
"A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words" 550045
"A Friend Like You Is Heaven Scent" 523607  
"I Will Always Care For You"
"Everything's Better With a Friend" 4004158 
"You're My Mouseketeer" 4004157
"Make Every Day Magical"
"You Sweep Me Off My Feet" 550008 
"I Always Knew You'd Turn'ip" 550017 
"Only You" 550000 
"My Mona Lisa" 550012 (LIMITED) 
"Egg-Specially For You" 550005 
"My Faith Is In Jesus" 550007 
"Always By Your Side" 550023 
"Always By Your Side" 550022 
"It's In The Book" 550020 
"I'll Be Your Shelter In The Storm" 550003 
"Your Future Is So Rosy" 550032
"Our Love Can Never Be Broken" 550010
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A Surprise Member's Only Figurine!
In tribute to Gene Freedman, the man whose vision made the Precious Moments phenomenon possible, a new Members' Only Figurine!  This surprise piece is reminiscent of the "original 21" figurine, with a cheerful giver sharing the joy of friendship and companionship - just as Gene has done for so many years! Plus a "GF" is located on the back of the boys hat, representing Gene's initials, and the number "25" on his jersey in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the club! Contact us for more information!!  item # 4004612
"Ring In The Season" New 2006 Christmas Pieces
The cheerful ringing bells announce the Christmas season with a universal sound of merriment, harmony and hope. No wonder this darling little girl is bedecked from head to toe in bells! Dated to commemorate 2006, the collectible bisque figurine and hanging ornaments will hearken back memories of the year with a joyful jingle.
"Ringing in The Season" 610002
"Ringing In The Season" 610003
"Ringing In The Season" 610001
"My True Love Gave To Me" 610011
"Sleigh Bells Ring" 610012
(2 pc set)
"Plush Kitten Stocking" 615002
" Plush Puppy Stocking" 615001
"Christmas Is Sharing" 610016
"Christmas Is Caring" 610015
"Christmas Is Sharing" 610014
"Hark! Table Runner" 616002
"Hark! Tree Skirt" 616001
"Hark! Pillow" 616004
"May Your Christmas Be Filled With Sweet Surprises" 610018
"Visions of Sugarplums" 610036
"Sugarplums Mug" 614004
"Set of 4 Dessert Plates" 614003
"Christmas Tree Cookie Jar" 614002
"Cookies For Santa Plate" 614001
"Shall I Play For You" 610029
"Trumpet His Arrival" 610027
"Sing A New Song" 610028
"Christmas Bells Are Ringing" 610026
"And The Angels Sing" 610042
"Said The Lamb To The Shepherd Boy" 610041
"Wishing You A Heavenly Holiday" 118301
"Thoughts Of You Are So "hearth" Warming" 4004377
"Feliz Navidad" 610020
"Feliz Navidad" 610019
"Guide Us To Thy Perfect Light" 610025
"Guide Us To Thy Perfect Light" 610017
"Teachers Make The Season Brighter" 610032
"Grandma, Your Love Keeps Me Warm" 610035
"Baby's First Christmas" 610005 (2006)
"Our First Christmas Together" 610004  (2006)
"Wishing "EWE" Sweet Christmas Dreams" 610007
"Baby's First Christmas" 610006 (2006)
"Nurses Care For The Heart and Soul" 610034
"My Godmother,  My Guiding Light" 610033
"Sister, You're An Angel To Me" 610031
"Daughter, You Bring Me Joy" 610030
"In All Things Give Thanks" 610068 $50.00
"My Peace I Give Unto Thee" 610047 $35.00
"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" 610046 $35.00
"My Cup Runneth Over" 610051
"Some Day My Prince Will Come" 610056
"May Your World Be Filled With Love" 610058
"Teddy Bubble Nightlight" 613004 $17.50
"Teddy 4x6 Photo Frame" 613009 $17.50
"Teddy Bank" 613011 $22.50
"Teddy Bear Nightlight" 613006 $17.50
"Large Plush Teddy"
10 1/2 613017 $17.50
"Small Plush Teddy"
7 1/2" 613018 $12.50
"Teddy Switch Plate" 613013 $10.00
"Boy Wall Cross" 613016 $15.00
"Teddy Musical Waterglobe" 613002 $30.00 Plays: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (includes photo frame)
"Pink 4x6 Photo Frame" 613007 $17.50
"Girl Musical Waterglobe" 613001 $30.00 Plays: Brahm's Lullaby
"Girl Bubble Nightlight" 613003 $17.50
"Girl Nightlight" 613005 $17.50
"Girl Bank" 613010 $22.50
"Pink Cloud 4x6 Photo Frame" 613008 $16.00
"Girl Switch Plate" 613012 $10.00
"Girl Wall Cross" 613015 $15.00
2006 Precious Moments Collector's Club
2006 Fun Club
"I'll Always Treasure Our Friendship" 550049 $25.00
"There's Always Room For A New Friend" 550060 $32.00
"Have a "swell" Christmas"
"Bless You"
"Easy As ABC"
"Gloria In Excelsis Deo" Limited Edition
"I Love Thee With An Everlasting Love"
"In Thy Light Shall We See Light" (GIRL)
"In Thy Light Shall We See Light" (Boy)
"Kind Hearts Send Showers Of Love"
"How Great is His Goodness"
"Your Spirit Glitters From Within"
"You Sparkle With Grace"
"Bare Necessities"
"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"
"Magically Ever After"
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"Joy" Limited Edition 3,000 pieces 610013
"Happiness is Being A Mom" Waterglobe 551004
"The Lord Bless You and Keep You" Water Globe 551003
"How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" 630001 Retired Valentines Day 2007.  FREE Gift with purchase
"Life's A Picnic With My Honey" 630040 LIMITED EDITION
"Embraced In Your Love" 630041 LIMITED EDITION
"My Dream Boat" 610071
"Your Love Gives Me Wings" 610070
"Sugarplums Musical Waterglobe"
"Your Friendship Brightens Each Day" 619002
"Sugarplums Nightlight"
"Flowers and Friendship Are Best When Shared" 630011
"Your Love Makes My Heart Bloom" 630008
"Sow Love To Grow Love" 630007
"A Tender Touch Helps Love Bloom" 630006
"I'm A Sucker For Your Love" 630003
"You Melt My Heart" 630002
"Nighty Night" 630022
"Bottoms Up" 630021
"Count Each Birthday With A Joyful Smile" 630018
"May Sweetness and Love Shower Down On You" 630017
"Wishing You A Year Filled With Birthday Cheer" 630016
"They Call It Puppy Love" 630012
"You Are My Dream Come True" 630026
"To Have and To Hold" 630028
"The Wonderful Thing 'Bout Tiggers"
"Heigh Ho, It's Off To Play We Go"
"I Found My Love In You" 630027
"All Done" 630023
"Girl Baptism/Christening Photo Frame" 633001
"Boy Baptism/Christening Photo Frame" 633002
"Part Of Your World"